Lebeda/Červenčík Genealogy

Research Report completed 29 January 2002

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Mr. Tom Smith initialized this research. He was looking for records for his grandmother and grandfather; both came to America from Slovakia around 1905. He would like not only records on them, but also their families. Parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents - anything as far back as it is possible to go. The problem was that according the official register there is a gap in the available church records, thus also the search for missing records was requested.

Ancestral locations

The ancestors originate in North Slovakia, region Orava (former Árva Megye). All the locations are shown on the 1910 administrative map


Between 1892-1913 the official name was Usztye, 1927-1946 Ústie nad Oravou, 1953-1974 Ústie nad Priehradou, since 1975 is it suburb of Trstená. The total population in 1910 was 1044, the ethnic breakdown: 19 Germans, 976 Slovaks, 45 Poles, the religious breakdown: 1025 Roman Catholics, 19 Jews


Between 1892-1913 the official name was Ljeszek. The total population in 1910 was 1124, the ethnic breakdown: 19 Hungarians, 9 Germans, 1096 Slovaks, 45 Poles, the religious breakdown: 1112 Roman Catholics, 11 Jews


Between 1863-1913 the official name was Csimhova. The total population in 1910 was 284, the ethnic breakdown: 3 Hungarians, 3 Germans, 277 Slovaks, the religious breakdown: 282 Roman Catholics.

Other locations

Other locations referred in the church records are Vitanová and Sihelné (Szihelne). The location Tiché was not identified, it is possibly in Poland.

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The data provided by Tom Smith and the new data gained from the church records are integrated in a Genealogy database annexed to this report. This database can be viewed with any web browser starting from the alphabetic index of surnames. Here only the most interesting features are discussed. The individuals are hyperlinked to the database.


The first objective was to follow the ancestry of Julia Červenčík born 16 February 1911. The next step was the more detailed research of other branches. The ancestry chart  is annexed.

All the individuals listed in the records were Roman Catholic and ethnic Slovaks with exception of Agnes Bednarčík, who might have been of Polish origin. They all were simple peasants.

The infant mortality was very high, thus only few children got adult. The other medical risk was delivery and related complications. Many mothers died shortly after the delivery. For the young widowers with small children it was absolutely necessary to marry immediately, because they were not able to take care for the children. In the presented database there are lot of such cases.

Červenčík Lineage

This lineage has roots in Liesek and Čimhová. It seems that practically all Červenčíks in Liesek are descendants of the forefather Mathias (Matej) Červenčík. (See also the descendant list) His birth about 1770 is out of the available church record range. His son Mathias Červenčík jr. (*17 September 1794) was the grandfather of two cousins:
  1. Martin Červenčík, born 4 October 1883 of Mathias Červenčík and Rosalia Duda
  2. Martin Červenčík, born 27 September 1883 of Joannes Červenčík and Catharina Sinal
Both the Martins immigrated to USA and they have descendant families there.

No descendants of the Červenčík family living in Slovakia were identified.

Lebeda Lineage

This lineage originates in Ústie. The forefather is Adalbertus (Vojtech) Lebeda born about 1787. (See also the descendant chart) In his second marriage he had four children. Adalbertus Lebeda died in age of 58 shortly after the birth of his last son Joannes (Ján) Lebeda (*23 January 1844). First wife of Joannes Lebeda died 10 May 1880 of tuberculosis leaving two small children. Joannes married shortly (15 June 1880) his second wife Agnes Bednarčík. The origin of Agnes is not clear, in the marriage record it is "Tiche", however in Slovakia there is no such location, but there are more such locations in Poland, just near the Slovak border. Joannes Lebeda and Agnes Bednarčík had three children, first was Catharina Lebeda born 11 September 1881 and then followed Jozef and Johanna.

The descendants of Jozef Lebeda (younger brother of Catharina Lebeda) were identified in the indexes. Jozef married 25 November 1913 Karolina Maršálek and they bear the following children: Mária (*1919), Jozef (*1924) who married 1947 Maria Fuzák, Štefan (*1927) and Lenard (*1931).

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Future research possibilities

Ancestral research

The research can be considered as completed for two ancestral lines, because the earlier records are not available:

The ancestral research could be continued for the following individuals:

The ancestry of Agnes Bednarčík born about 1850 in Tiché is unclear, as the birth location was not identified.

Research for living relatives

There is a possibility to look for the living descendants of Jozef Lebeda  who married 25 November 1913 Karolina Maršálek. The persons were not yet contacted, as Mr. Tom Smith is in contact with some of his descendants.

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The following church records stored in the State Regional Archive in Bytca were reviewed.

Roman Catholic Church records Ústie, now part of Trstená

Records listed in official catalogues Records not yet catalogued

Roman Catholic Church records Čimhová (including Liesek)

Records listed in official catalogues Records not yet catalogued

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The ancestral tree of Julia Červenčík born 16 February 1911

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The descendant list of Mathias Červenčík

(the descendant chart is to large for graphic presentation)

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The descendant chart of Adalbertus Lebeda


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