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General information and hints on the Slovak phone system

In Slovakia there are more phone operators:

  • The T-Com (former Slovak Telecommunications)  operating the stable network;
  • Mobile operator T-Mobile;
  • The second mobile operator ORANGE.
  • The third mobile operator Telefónica O2 Slovakia
  • The alternative land line operators

The international call code for Slovakia is +421 (or 00-421  from Europe and 011-421  from USA). To call a Slovak number from abroad you have to dial according the following examples:

  • Model call to stable network. The area code for Samorin is 031, the  phone number is 560 0641. In international calls the first zero from area code is to be removed, thus the number to be dialled is: +421 31 560 0641

Model call to mobile networks:

  • T-mobile GMS: +421 903 xxx xxx, +421 904 xxx xxx, ...
  • ORANGE GMS: +421 905 xxx xxx, +421 907 xxx xxx, +421 908 xxx xxx, ...

Slovak white and yellow pages

In April 2000 the Slovak Telecommunications Enterprise started the online white and yellow pages. In summer 2002 also the English version got operational. In March  2006 as as result of the rebranding a new version of the online phone directory was started. In May 2007 a completely new universal phone directory was launched (only in Slovak). For English speakers we present here hints how to search and other useful information about the Slovak area phone codes.
Revision date: 8th July 2007

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