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How to use the Slovak white pages

The Zoznam company (a subsidiary of the Slovak Telekom) started in spring 2007 a new universal phone directory. Since September 2007 it includes the phone numbers of all telephone operators (also cellular). The search form is available only in Slovak.

This new form is more "genealogy friendly", as it allows again search for all territory of Slovakia. The names can be entered both with accents and without accents (using the field Vyhľadaj). The use of wild chart characters is not possible (at least I did not find out how to use them)

The same form using Google instant translation is:

The translation of the expressions used in the form is:

Vyhľadaj Insert the search expression
Všetky čísla
All numbers
Súkromné čísla
Residential numbers
Firemné čísla
Company numbers
ZIP number
Phone area
Pevné linky
Land lines
Mobilné siete
Cellular phones
Siete alternatívnych operátorov
Alternative phone operator networks
Phone area codes
International country codes

As result of the query you will have a list of names and addresses. To acquire the phone number and address you must click on selected name and you will receive a result as the following example:

Mrkvičková Anna (Surname and first name, the female surnames ends usual with -ova or -a. For female surnames see also the FAQ.)

Adresa (Address)
Tel. číslo (Phone number)
Nezabudkova 13,  Zvolen
045 / 51350571
Street, house #, Town
In small villages the streets are not named, thus in that case only the name of the village will appear
Area code/phone number. For international calls the first 0 is to be replaced by +421, thus this phone would be +421 45 51350571

Below the search result there usually appears also a map.

How to recover the surface mail address?
The address from the search result is missing the ZIP code. The above mentioned example implies the following surface mail address:

Anna Mrkvickova
Nezabudkova 13
960 01 Zvolen
Slovak Republic

The ZIP code can be found using the online tool of the Slovak Post. CentroConsult presents here also a short guide.

Map of Slovak phone Area Codes enabling better usage of the Slovak white pages 

Below is a map showing all new Slovak phone districts with Area Codes. The areas are not identical with present administrative regions of Slovakia! Click on the map to see it in detail and to have access to more sophisticated clickable map. See also the table of all area codes sorted according the administrative regions.

phone areas


Table of old and new Slovak phone Area Codes enabling better usage of the Slovak white pages

Below is a comparative table showing all old Slovak phone districts with Area Codes (they start always with 0) with new area codes  sorted according the regions, then by districts

Old Code  New Code Location District (Okres) Region (Kraj)
088 048 Banska Bystrica Banska Bystrica Banska Bystrica 
0859 045 Banska Stiavnica Banska Stiavnica Banska Bystrica
0867 048 Brezno Brezno Banska Bystrica
0856 045 Krupina Krupina Banska Bystrica
0863 047 Lucenec Lucenec Banska Bystrica
0864 047 Poltar Poltar Banska Bystrica
0868 047 Tornala Revuca Banska Bystrica
0941 058 Revúca Revuca Banska Bystrica
0865 047 Hnusta Rimavska Sobota Banska Bystrica
0866 047 Rimavska Sobota Rimavska Sobota Banska Bystrica
0854 047 Velky Krtis Velky Krtis Banska Bystrica
0858 045 Zarnovica Zarnovica Banska Bystrica
0857 045 Ziar nad Hronom Ziar nad Hronom Banska Bystrica
0855 045 Zvolen Zvolen Banska Bystrica
07 02 Bratislava Bratislava Bratislava
0703 034 Malacky Malacky Bratislava
0704 033 Pezinok Pezinok Bratislava
0944 053 Gelnica Gelnica Kosice
0943 055 Moldava nad Boldvou Kosice surroundings Kosice
095 055 Kosice Kosice Kosice
0946 056 Michalovce Michalovce Kosice
0942 058 Roznava Roznava Kosice
0947 056 Sobrance Sobrance Kosice
0965 053 Spiska Nova Ves Spiska Nova Ves Kosice
0948 056 Trebisov Trebisov Kosice
0949 056 Kralovsky Chlmec Trebisov Kosice
0818 035 Hurbanovo Komarno Nitra
0819 035 Komarno Komarno Nitra
0811 036 Zeliezovce Levice Nitra
0812 036 Sahy Levice Nitra
0813 036 Levice Levice Nitra
087 037 Nitra Nitra Nitra
0810 036 Sturovo Nove Zamky Nitra
0816 035 Surany Nove Zamky Nitra
0817 035 Nove Zamky Nove Zamky Nitra
0706 031 Sala Sala Nitra
0815 038 Topolcany Topolcany Nitra
0814 037 Zlate Moravce Zlate Moravce Nitra
0935 054 Bardejov Bardejov Presov
0933 057 Humenne Humenne Presov
0964 052 Spiska Stara Ves Kezmarok Presov
0968 052 Kezmarok Kezmarok Presov
0966 053 Levoca Levoca Presov
0939 057 Medzilaborce Medzilaborce Presov
092 052 Poprad Poprad Presov
0969 052 Stary Smokovec Poprad Presov
091 051 Presov Presov Presov
0934 051 Sabinov Sabinov Presov
0932 057 Snina Snina Presov
0963 052 Stara Lubovna Stara Lubovna Presov
0938 054 Stropkov Stropkov Presov
0936 054 Giraltovce Svidnik Presov
0937 054 Svidnik Svidnik Presov
0931 057 Vranov nad Toplou Vranov nad Toplou Presov
0832 038 Banovce nad Bebravou Banovce nad Bebravou Trencin
0827 042 Dubnica nad Vahom Ilava Trencin
0834 032 Nove Mesto nad Vahom Nove Mesto nad Vahom Trencin
0822 042 Povazska Bystrica Povazska Bystrica Trencin
0862 046 Prievidza Prievidza Trencin
0825 042 Puchov Puchov Trencin
0831 032 Trencin Trencin Trencin
0708 031 Samorin Dunajska Streda Trnava
0709 031 Dunajska Streda Dunajska Streda Trnava
0707 031 Galanta Galanta Trnava
0804 033 Hlohovec Hlohovec Trnava
0838 033 Piestany Piestany Trnava
0802 034 Senica Senica Trnava
0801 034 Holic Skalica Trnava
0805 033 Trnava Trnava Trnava
0821 041 Bytca Bytca Zilina
0824 041 Cadca Cadca Zilina
0845 043 Dolny Kubin Dolny Kubin Zilina
0826 041 Kysucke Nove Mesto Kysucke Nove Mesto Zilina
0844 044 Liptovsky Hradok Liptovsky Mikulas Zilina
0849 044 Liptovsky Mikulas Liptovsky Mikulas Zilina
0842 043 Martin Martin Zilina
0846 043 Námestovo Námestovo Zilina
0848 044 Ruzomberok Ruzomberok Zilina
0841 043 Turcianske Teplice Turcianske Teplice Zilina
0847 043 Tvrdosin Tvrdosin Zilina
0823 041 Rajec Zilina Zilina
089 041 Zilina Zilina Zilina

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