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Peter Nagy, 12th January 2011

Section A: Custom Google search form tailored to Slovak genealogy (added 18 August 2011)

Section B: Slovak and Hungarian online resources' guide

There are various on-line resources which are very useful for genealogy research, however many of them are available only in Slovak or Hungarian language. The search forms of various Slovak and Hungarian portals are under permanent changes, but we will try to follow them and update the unofficial users' guides in English. In addition to translation of the pages to English we present also examples of research strategies.

This toolbox page was inspired by  the Toolbox developed by Bill Tarkulich as a quick reference to high-value resources for Slovakia genealogy research in which he collected and described the most important online resources available in English language. The goal of this page is to facilitate the usage of databases published in other languages (Slovak and Hungarian).

We recommend to use the Google instant website translation tool which allows to see the web pages in English. It is necessary to use either the Goggle Chrome browser or to install the Google Toolbar plug-in.

Search subject
Living individuals Slovak white pages
Phone directory, residential and business phones, landlines, alternative landlines and cellular (mobile) White pages guide,
Bill Tarkulich's phone book guide
Slovak land registry The land registry records disclose the full name of the owner, his birth date and address. Land registry guide
Slovak small business register (individuals) Register of about 400,000 self-employed individuals. It includes the names, type of business, address and other data. Guide and hints
Companies register It includes the name of company, names and addresses of CEOs and shareholders, type of business, and other data. Guide and hints
Deceased individuals Slovak cemetery portals
There are more concurrent cemetery portals enabling online grave search.
Directory and guides
Nation's Memory Institute Names of liquidated or aryanized Jewish firms and their owners, statistical data
Guide and hints
Frequency of surnames Database of Slovak surnames and their frequencies in various locations as of 1995 Dictionary guide
Tax census 1715
Possession inventory for the Feudal Estates in historical Hungary including present Slovakia Detailed guide,
Bill Tarkulich's guide
Database of present and historical town names
Online version of the Milan Majtán's gazetteer Dictionary guide
Municipal statistics The Slovak Statistical Office maintains the Urban and municipal statistics Information system. The Information system provides users with statistical information on every municipality and town of the Slovakia. Statistics guide
Dvorzsák Gazetteer Scanned version of the Dvorzsák gazetteer from the year 1877. It includes the religious breakdown and location of the parish offices (rabbinates) Dvorzsák Gazetteer, Bill Tarkulich's guide
Slovak ZIP codes Hints, how to find a ZIP code and what is the proper address format to be used for letters addressed to Slovakia ZIP code guide
Bill Tarkulich's postal code guide
Census 1910 Statistical data of Slovak towns and villages according 1910 census including religious and ethnic breakdown provided by Forum Institute Census Guide
Geoportal The most comprehensive Slovak map portal operated by Surveying and Cartographic Institute
Geoportal guide

Credit is given to Bill Tarkulich and Anabeth Dollins for comments and improvements

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Revision date 24th February 2011

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