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CentroConsult operates from its office in Samorin, a satellite town of Bratislava. The distance from Samorin to Bratislava is 12 miles (20 km), to Vienna 50 miles (80 km) to Budapest 112 miles (180) km and to Prague 220 miles (350 km). The close proximity to source information, as well as, the intimate knowledge of the local environment coupled with the thorough familiarity with sound genealogical research methods are the main strengths of CentroConsult.

Free lookups

CentroConsult is pleased to answer free of charge inquiries including  general topic questions,  inquiries about phone numbers,  past and present names of current Slovak settlements, location of vital records (church or state) and administrative procedures (visa, issue of certificates, etc.) as they pertain to Central Europe - send simply a message to my email address. Note: It is not possible to do free search in church records! Such research requires a lot of time and travel and is charged according our price list.

Finding ancestors

The most commonly followed process of finding ancestors is to initiate a search in the civil and parish records. A gap exists in the LDS records since not all regions have been microfilmed yet. CentroConsult fills this gap by initiating searches in the original source documents that are located all around our facilities. Cemetery records and gravestones can provide additional valuable information. CentroConsult has the advantage of being located in close proximity to most cemeteries and as such has been very successful in finding otherwise lost information.

Finding living relatives

Most emigrants who settled overseas such as the United States, Canada and Australia left relatives in Europe. In the course of time many families lost contact with each other.  There is a very good chance of finding cousins who currently live in the former territories of Austria-Hungary. CentroConsult has been highly successful in identifying such relationships.

Searching land records

CentroConsult compiled a detailed guide, what data can be found in the Slovak land records online. We offer also professional assistance in advanced land record search and land claims.

Genealogy tours

Visiting a country of ones ancestors is an exciting experience. Such experiences are usually accompanied  with visiting relatives. CentroConsult can make arrangements for such tours, including making travel arrangements, as well as, providing tour guides who also act as interpreters.

Hand painted genealogy charts

On request Centroconsult provides for hand painted genealogy wall charts. Click on the thumbnails to see the examples:

Complex genealogy projects

In addition to the services enumerated above, CentroConsult offers research projects specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.

Probate Research

CentroConsult can conduct search for unknown heirs in Slovakia, Hungary and Austria and arrange for all necessary formalities contacting them.

Request for Quotation

Fill in please the online Request for Quotation if you would like to receive a price quotation.

Revision date: 22nd february 2011

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