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Slovak dictionaries online - unofficial users' guides in English

The Slovak Philological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences maintains a database which has two components of much interest to genealogists:

The database includes both the present and historical names of the Slovak towns. The database also includes surnames based on recent research projects and shows only the present spelling of the surnames.

Location of the database

The URL address of the database (preselected English and search for towns and surnames) is slovniky.korpus.sk/?lang=en&d=obce&d=priezviska
You will see there the following screen (using also instant Google translation):

  1. Select the search mode (drop down menu Strategy).
  2. Enter the searched text string into the first box in left and hit the "Find" button.


Here is an example of a search result of Vinica (I do not recommend to use the Goggle instant translation for search results, because it translates also the town names, like the town Vinica is translated to Vineyard):

The first box shows the results from the database of settlement (village, town, city) names in Slovak Republic and the valid years (covering 1773 - 1997).  It also includes the present administrative district and historical Hungary county name. (Based on the book Names of settlements in Slovak Republic - development in the years 1773 - 1997).

The second box shows the most common surnames and their frequency in the town.

The second example is the result of a surname search for a fragment of a surname Sobotovič - "obotovi", The result is

There is no town in Slovakia containing the string "obotovi" and there are two surnames. The result shows the locations and frequency of the surname in various towns

The explanation of the most common abbreviations used there is:

od r.
since the year
okr. district

Revision date: 7th February 2011

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