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Slovak land register on-line - unofficial users' guides in English

In Slovakia substantial part of population owns some real estate (land, house or flat). The land registry records disclose the full name of the owner, his birth date and address. It is the largest public on-line database in Slovakia. The on-line version is called Kapor (Katastrálny portál).

1. Terminology

Before starting the search, the user has to make himself familiar with the basic terminology

Slovak term
English term used by Kapor
Katastrálny portál (Kapor)
Cadastral portal (Kapor)
Internet portal  - Web interface of Slovak Land Registry
Katastrálne územie
Cadastral district
Smallest geographic unit used by land registry. In one town could be one or more cadastral districts
Katastrálna mapa
Cadastral map
A map with plot borders and constructions registered at land registry, see also Wikipedia
List vlastníctva (LV)
Ownership document
Ownership certificate, a document with description of the property and with list of associated owners, natural or legal entities. The common abbreviation is LV
A lot of land (plot, parcel) having assigned unique identification number (plot number)
Any building recorded in the land registry
Byt/nebytový priestor
Apartment/non flat space
Ownership to any apartment, flat, office, shop, etc. is recorded by the land register

2. Basic functionalities

The basic functionalities (available for unregistered users free of charge) are:

Search type
Mandatory input data
  • Search of owners
Surname and "cadastral district". This type of search is of use for genealogy and people search purposes.
List of owners meeting preselected criteria,  Ownership document (LV)
  • Search of ownership documents
Number of the ownership document
Ownership document (LV)
  • Search for parcel
Parcel number
Ownership document (LV)
  • Search for construction
Construction number
Ownership document (LV)
  • Sear for apartment
Construction number, in which the apartment is located
Ownership document (LV)
  • Search in the cadastral map
Various, it is possible to browse the map and select various objects  without knowing the names, plot numbers, etc.
Ownership document (LV)
Cadastral map printout

3. How to search people

The people search is of most interest for genealogy. The standard welcome screen is shown below. I recommend you first to select the English language.

After that, the English version of the welcome screen has to appear:

Next step is the selection of the "owners" search. The "Searching according to an owner" tab shall appear.

The unregistered users have to select first the cadastral district. There are two ways of selection of cadastral district:
  1. Select first region from the drop down menu, then district, municipality and finaly the cadastral district, or
  2. Enter the name of cadastral district directly to the "cadastral district" field.
After narrowing the search to a cadastral district you can enter the name, the use of accented characters is possible, but not mandatory. The use of "wild card" characters is not possible. You must take into account the difference betweem masculine and feminime form of a surname.

Last is the verifcation code. After that you can to press the red Search button (not the blue ones)

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