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Urban and Municipal Statistics - unofficial users' guides in English

This comprehensive statistical system interface is operated by INFOSTAT BRATISLAVA, Institute of Informatics and Statistics Bratislava. The Information system provides users with statistical information on every municipality and town of the Slovakia.

There is an English interface. The search function "find municipality by name" works quite well, it works for any partial string, e.g. the search for the string "orín" returns Šamorín, Kosorín, Oborín and Odorín. There is a problem with some accented characters, like Š. Entering the town Šamorín, there will be no result and the first character Š is replaced by ? by the system. In such case simply try the search without the accented character, i.e like "amorín", or use the wild character %.

People, who are looking for the vital data of 20th century will find there where the relevant registrar keeping the vital records is located. Example for Hamuliakovo is here:

Hamuliakovo example

Revision date 7th February 2011

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